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2048 4X4 is a cool math game where you need to combine the numbers to reach the 2048 number tile!

How to Play 2048 Game:

On Computer: You need to move the tiles with numbers using arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The two tiles with the same number combine when they come in contact with each other.

On Mobile Phone: While playing this numbers game on a smartphone, you need to use swipe gestures. Swipe in the direction where you want to slide the number. The rule remains the same, two tiles having the same number merge when they touch each other.

How 2048 Number Tile Game Works?

Two tiles with the same number become one when they make contact with each other. Remember no two tiles can combine if they are not similar. The resultant tile gets the sum of the two numbers on those tiles. You lose when no empty space is left on the 4x4 board.

How To Win 2048?

Since it is a maths puzzle game all you need to do in order to win this game is to combine tiles and reach the tile number 2048. However, it is not that simple to win this game and sadly there are no shortcuts as well. But, you can look at some 2048 Tips and Tricks to master the game in less time.

Where can I play 2048 Game from GameMora?

You can play this puzzle game on a browser of your choice on your computer (PC/Mac/Linux). If you're on the go then you can also play 2048 on your Android or iOS device browser. 2048 can be played online but once it loads in the browser you don't require an active internet connection to keep playing. So what are you waiting for? Visit Gamemora on your device and start playing this awesome game.

A Brief History of 2048 Game

This is the official version of the 2048 Game which was originally developed by Gabriele Cirulli. He took inspiration from a couple of similar games - 1024 and Threes and developed his own version named as 2048.

Why Play 2048?

If you are a Maths geek or someone who likes playing puzzle games then you would definitely love to play 2048. The best thing about 2048 is that you do not have to download any software or app to play this game as it is available online. Also, this game tests your intelligence and maths skills every time which makes it more addictive to play. So if you like to give yourself a little competition then you can play the 2048 game online from any device.