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2048 3D


Had enough of 3D 2048? Then have a go at 2048 Cupcakes Or 2048 Pokemon

In this variation of 2048 game you have to merge the numbers inside the 3 cubes (3x3 board) and reach the 2048 numbered tile!

The squares signify different layers of the cube which are top, middle and bottom. This give a 3D Touch to the 2048 game.

How to play 2048 3D Game:

The movements of the tiles have to be done in the same way as in 2048 original version. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the tiles in the desired direction. And on smartphones swipe in the direction you want to move the numbers.

How To Win 2048 3D Game

Here also you have to get to the 2048 tile but not only in one board but 3 boards of 3x3. So it's a great challenge for all the math geeks who consider themselves masters of 2048 game. Have a go at it!

Where can I play 2048 3D

You can play this game online on a browser of your choice. It is suppported on mobile and desktop browsers. Moreover, once you load the game or web page you can continue playing even without internet connectivity. What's more, even if you reload the page you can resume playing from the same score.