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2048 8x8


Join the same number tiles and get to the 2048 tile!

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What is 2048 8x8?

2048 is a highly popular game even though it's quite old and really simple as compared to other games today. 2048 looks very easy when you start playing it, but it gets tougher and tougher with time. But this is not the case with 2084 8x8. The game is really easy as you have a bigger board of 8x8 blocks to achieve the target of 2048.

How To Play And Where To Enjoy 8x8 2048

Well, you just have to move the number tiles and join the similar ones to get the double of that number. By doubling more and more numbers when you finally reach 2048 tile, you win the game. If you're playing 2048 8x8 in your PC, then you have to make use of the direction keys to move the numbers. While in a mobile device you have to use the swipe gesture to move the number in a particular direction.

The game can be enjoyed using any browser on the GameMora site just like its other variations, Pizza 2048, and Flappy 2048, etc.

The best thing about playing these games on GameMora is that once the page is loaded, you don't need the internet connection anymore. Even if you leave the game, the game opens from the same place from where it was left, the next time you open it.

Difference Between 2048 And 2048 8x8

The classic 2048 game has a 4x4 board. And the user has to make a single tile display 2048 as the final number in order to win the game. 4x4 tiles make the game very hard and you have to think twice before taking the next step. But this is not the case with 2048 8x8. 2048 tile can easily be obtained even if you randomly move the tiles. The reason being, the tiles are four times as compared to what we get in 2048.

Good For Kids And Noobs

If you want your kid to play the games that are brain healthy then nothing is better than 2048. But directly playing 2048 can irritate them as it's really hard to win the game. So, instead of 2048, they can start playing with 2048 8x8. After some time they can shift to 2048.

Similarly, if you're new to the 2048 world, then the same can happen to you. It's highly unlikely that you'll win the game before learning it properly and you might stop playing it. So it's better to start with 2048 8x8 and take the next step after some days of practice.