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2048 Animated


Combine the tiles with similar animated number to reach the 2048 animation!

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Combine the tiles until you get the 2048 tile. Play the animated new version of 2048!

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Get Familiar To 2048 Animated

You all must have surely played the classic 2048 game at least once. And 2048 Animated is not much different from the classic version. Like most of the versions, in 2048 Animated also, you have to join the number tiles that have similar numbers. Finally, when any of the number tiles display 2048 as the final number, you win the game.

Where To Savor?

Well, you can play the 2048 Animated game using your cell phone or PC with any operating system. All you need to do is reach the official GameMora site. Other than 2048 Animated, here you'll also be able to savor the other versions of 2048 like Fortnite, Tetris, Pizza etc.

Controls For Playing 2048 Animated

The controls for playing 2048 Animated are really easy and simple to understand. While playing the game using a cell phone, you need to use the swipe gestures. Up gesture will move the numbers upward, down gestures will move the numbers downwards. Similarly, use right and left gestures to move the numbers to the right and left direction. While playing the game using PC, use arrow keys instead of gestures.

How Is 2048 Animated Different From Other Versions?

2048 Animated is exactly similar to most of the versions if we talk about the controls and the purpose of the game. The design of this game is what makes it stand out from the crowd. The poppy color and the moving number tiles look absolutely amazing. You will always be excited to see the design that will appear after joining number tiles. The overall experience of the game is breathtaking and completely new in its own way.

Best For Kids

We all know that solving the 2048 game is not a child's play. The game demands full concentration and proper strategy. But when you look at the design of 2048 Animated, the first thing that comes in mind is that it's a perfect design for a kid's game. So you can suggest your kids to stop playing the random useless games and instead, make them play 2048 Animated. The game is not just fun but a true brain taser too. Your kid will never consider the time spent on this game as wasted.