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Had enough of Cupcakes? Then have a go at 2048 Pokemon, 2048 Doge Or 2048 3D

Join Cupcakes and get to the best one!

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How to play 2048 Cupcakes:

Similar to 2048 Game you have to use the arrow keys on your PC or Mac keyboard while on smartphones use swipe gestures to move the tiles with cupcakes. When two tiles with the same cupcake toucht, they merge into a Cupcake with greater number of calories! This makes you progress in the game.

2048 Cupcakes game is completely supported on mobile browsers as well as on the desktop. So, you can play from your desired device.

2048 Cupcakes Names And Order

Here are the different Cupcakes you need to know and their order in the game(from starting to completing)

Tile Legend:

How To Complete 2048 Cupcakes?

The game is played on a 4x4 board where you have to combine similar Cupcakes. The Cupcake starts with Vanilla Birthday which is at 200Kcal and you need to reach the Cupcake with highest calories i.e. Rainbow Cupcake which is having 5000Kcal.

2048 Cupcakes Overview

This is a sequel and a variation of popular 2048 game. Cupcakes has also become quite popular among kids and gamers. It is a nice way for kids to make their brains work while having entertainment at the same time.