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2048 DBZ Dragon Ball Z


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What Is DBZ 2048?

If you are a puzzle game aficionado then you must have played the 2048 game. And if you are new to puzzle games or PWA games then let us tell you that it's one of the most popular puzzle games that was built on the 9th of March 2014 by Gabriele Cirulli.

The game was a huge hit of that time which is still played by thousands and millions of people every day. Coming to 2048 DBZ its a new version of 2048 which includes the characters of Dragon Ball Z. So if you are in love with 2048, Dragon Ball Z, or both, then you are definitely going to enjoy playing this game.

Why 2048 Dragon Ball Z Is Different

Unlike the classic 2048 game, you will not have to see the boring numbered tiles throughout the game. Instead, you will see a tile with a new DBZ character, each time you join two tiles with the same number. While playing the game, you will always be excited and wonder which character you are going to see next.

Where Can I Play 2048 DBZ

This new version of the 2048 game is only available on GameMora. GameMora is an online platform where you can enjoy various other versions of the 2048 game as well. You don't even need a constant internet connection for enjoying the game. Just load the game once and you are all set to play even if the internet connection is turned off. If you have to leave the game due to some important work, you can continue playing from where you left, even if the page where you were playing the game is closed.

Some Of The Characters You Will See

We won't reveal all the Dragon Ball Z characters that you will see when you join the tiles. Let it be a surprise. But some of the characters are as follows.

On the number 2 tile you will see Vegita, Goku on the number 4 tile, 8 number tiles have Majin Buu, 16 number tile is reserved by Master Roshi, and the 32 number tile by Krillin.

Other Versions Of The Game That You Can Play

As we told above, GameMora has a plethora of 2048 versions. If you get bored playing 2048 DBZ, you can enjoy other versions like 2048 Star Wars, 2048 Minecraft, 2048 Emoji, 2048 Mario, 2048 Food, and so on.