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2048 Doge


Combine the similar Doge tiles!

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Combine the Doge tiles until you get the 2048 ultimate Doge GIF. Play the new version of 2048 doge edition !

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What Is 2048 Doge?

To all the meme and puzzle lovers out there, we bring to you the biggest crossover ever. As we combine the meme sensation Doge with the elite puzzle game 2048 to double the excitement of playing this game.

How To Play 2048 Doge

Similar to any other 2048 game the 2048 Doge edition is an online 4x4 grid puzzle game. You can simply move the tiles by using the keyboard arrow keys in Up, Down and Left, Right direction. On mobile, you can simply swipe your fingers in the desired direction to move the tile in that particular direction.

Objective Of The Game

The objective is to add similar tiles by colliding them together and keep on adding the tiles until one tile reaches the number 2048.

Difference Between 2048 Doge and Other 2048 Games

When you play 2048 Doge game you will feel that the game is similar to any other 2048 games like 2048 Pokemon, 2048 Cupcake, and 2048 3D. But, the difference lies in the background of the tiles, whenever you add two similar tiles you will see a new GIF Doge meme tile appears. The GIF background is what makes the 2048 Doge edition fun to play and different from others.

Doge 2048 Strategy

The best strategy to win any 2048 Game would be keeping the corners i.e making the biggest number tile at one corner of the grid. And then add tiles and merge them into the biggest number tile to reach the number 2048. For other awesome strategies, you can read our article on 2048 Game Tips And Tricks.