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2048 Emoji


Combine the tiles having similar Emojis or Smiley!

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Introduction To 2048 Emoji

We all know that 2048 is an interesting math game where one needs to achieve a 2048 tile to win the game. And 2048 Emoji is also quite similar to it, but with some extra embellishment. Rather than the simple numbers, amazing emojis also appear on the tile. So basically, the 2048 Emoji game is a new version of the traditional 2048 game.

How To Savor 2048 Emoji?

2048 Emoji is to be played exactly like the 2048 game. But if you don't know how to play even 2048, don't worry we are here to help you out. Well, you need to join the blocks with similar numbers or emojis. After joining them, the number doubles up and the new emoji appears. When you finally reach 2048 tile, you win the game. If you are not able to make a tile that displays 2048 and all the blocks fill up, you lose the game.

Supported Systems

2048 Emoji can be played online using any browser that you like. So it can be accessed with any operating system, be it Windows, macOS, and Linux. In the case of a mobile device, Android and iOS are easy to go with. If the internet connection goes off while playing, even then the game doesn't end and you can play the game without an internet connection. Even if you reload the game, it starts from the same point.

Why Go For 2048 Emoji?

The game might sound like it's quite easy but it's really not the case. Slowly when the blocks start to fill, the game becomes more and more challenging. Unlike the other normal games, 2048 Emoji demands massive use of your brain. So rather than going for other games that don't appeal your brain to contribute, go for 2048 Emoji instead and set your brain to work while enjoying the game.

Type Of Emojis You Encounter

When you join more and more tiles, you witness the different type of emojis appearing, which is quite exciting. On the number tile of 2, you get to see a grinning face with big eyes emoji, on number 4 tile you will see a smiling face emoji, on number 8, a winking face, 16 number shows a heart-eye smiling emoji. Similarly, 32 number tile with a face blowing a kiss, 64 with a winking face sticking out tongue, and 128 shows a flushed face emoji. After that, you see a grimacing face at 256, squinting face at 512, tears while laughing emoji at 1024 and finally a shocking face at 2048.