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2048 Flappy


Jump through the tiles and get to 2048!

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What Is Flappy Bird Game?

Flappy bird is a popular game that was developed by a Vietnamese gamer Dong Nguyen. The game involves a small bird that has to avert the green color pipes which are placed all over the game. When you click on the mouse button, the bird takes a small flight and then start coming down. So you have to balance the bird in such a way that it doesn't touch the pipes and your score increases.

What Is 2048 Flappy?

If you're bored playing the Flappy Bird game as well as 2048, then you'll surely like the new blend of both the games. 2048 Flappy edition is a new game where instead of the bird you have a number tile and in place of the pipes, you have blank tiles. When you make the number tile jump, the number on the tile increase by one. Finally, when you reach the 2048 tile, you win the game. Interesting, isn't it?

How To Play?

Well, it's really easy to play the 2048 Flappy game. All you need to do is press any button on your keyboard to make the number tile jump. While playing the game using a cellphone, you have to touch the screen to make the tile jump. You have to save the number tile from touching the blank tiles and make the number tile display 2048. When the number tile displays 2048 as the final number, you finally win the game.

Where To Play

Well, the 2048 Flappy game can be played online using any browser on the GameMora site. Even if the network goes off while playing, you need not worry because the 2048 Flappy game can also be played offline once the page is loaded.

How Is 2048 Flappy Different From Other 2048 Versions?

You might have played various versions of the classic 2048 game but this one is surely different from all its other versions. In most of the versions, you have to join the number tiles with the same numbers to finally reach the 2048 tile. But here you just need to make the number tile jump and reach 2048 tile. Most importantly, the game can be enjoyed by people of any age.