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What Is 2048 Mario?

It's a surprise for me if you don't know what is 2048. But, if you're Jon Snow and know nothing about it, let me tell you that 2048 is a puzzle game. You need to make the blocks with the same number join and make a tile that displays 2048 as the final number. Once you get the 2048 tile, you win the game.

Being a 2048 addict, I understand that playing 2048 with the pale and boring number tiles will certainly become lifeless after a few tries. But not when you are frequently giving tries to its new variations like 2048 Mario. This amazing version will again blow the air of excitement and you'll get the same feeling playing the game that you ones used to get while playing the classic 2048.

The Mario tiles will definitely make you remember your good old days, making the game even more enjoyable. The bigger number tile you create, the newer Mario character you get to see. So basically, you will live the journey of Mario's character while trying to make the 2048 tile.

Great, isn't it!!

How To Play And Where?

Hey Jon Snow!! As told before, he's the only one who knows nothing about 2048 and obviously, how to play it. The game is quite simple, only to understand, it's much harder than rocket science btw. You need to join the number tile with the same number and increase the number on the tiles.

By joining the tiles further and further when you get the 2048 tile, TADAA!!! you have won the game. You just need to make use of the arrow keys to move the number tiles while playing on the PC. Use finger movements if you're playing on your smartphone. You can savor this refreshing game only on GameMora.

Need More Scoop of Retro?

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