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2048 Minecraft


Combine the similar Minecraft block tiles!

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What's 2048 Minecraft?

Are you confused between 2048 and Minecraft and aren't sure which game to play online while you are free? Then look no further as we have solved that issue by combining both the games for you. Now you can enjoy the fun of both the games by playing our edition of 2048 Minecraft. And don't forget we have other versions of 2048 as well like 2048 Doge, 2048 Pokemon, 2048 3D, and 2048 Cupcake.

About Minecraft

Basically Minecraft is an open-world block game that is very different from other games as you may have played earlier. This game has no objective as such, you can simply roam around and do whatever you feel like building houses, shelter and gathering food for survival. It's all about evoking your inner creativity and imagination to give this game an objective of your choice. Moreover, the creators have given it a pixelized look that makes it more fun to play this game.

Game Controls

If you have ever played the classic 2048 game then you must be familiar with the controls of the game. The controls remain the same for the 2048 Minecraft version as well. All you need to do is to use the Up, Down, Right, and Left arrow keys to move the tiles in that particular direction.

However, if you are playing this game on your phone or tablet then you can simply swipe your fingers on the screen to move the tiles in up, down and left, the right direction. So now since you know the controls of the game we are sure you will have a fun time playing it.

What Is The Objective Of 2048 Minecraft?

The objective of the game is pretty simple, which is to add similar tiles to create a new tile. And keep on creating new tiles until you reach the tile number 2048. When one tile on the grid reaches the number 2048, it means you have won the game.

Why Play 2048 Minecraft And Not The Original 2048 Game?

One might have this question in their mind that if they can play the original 2048 game why would they bother to play the 2048 Minecraft edition? Well because the original 2048 game is plain and boring. There is nothing much you get to see when you play the game other than just changing colors. But not with the Minecraft version, here you will see new Minecraft blocks as you progress in the game which keeps you engaged in the game and never lets you get bored.

Is There Any Shortcut To Win This Game?

Sorry to say but there isn't any cheat code or shortcuts to win this game. It's a pure puzzle game that can be only won by focus and consistent efforts. At first, you will find it tough to conquer but you should not give up any try again and again until you finally win this game. Though there are no shortcuts, there are few tips and tricks that can help you win this game in less time.