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2048 Pizza


Combine the tiles having similar Pizza or its ingredient!

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Combine the tiles until you get the 2048 tile. Play the new version of 2048 Pizza edition !

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What Is New In 2048 Pizza

Almost all of us played the traditional 2048 game. But have you ever tried the same game with the pizza tiles appearing along with the numbers? If no, then you should surely try out this amazing variation of the traditional 2048 game. Here you not simply play the game by joining the numbers, but also enjoy the variety of pizza while joining different tiles.

Where And How To Play

2048 Pizza

Well, you can easily find and play the 2048 pizza game online on GameMora. You have to join the same number or pizza tiles and finally reach the 2048 tile. If even a single tile displays 2048, you win the game.

For moving the tiles, you have to make use of the keyboard keys (while playing on the desktop.) The right key to move the numbers right, left key to move the numbers to the left. Similarly, up key to move the numbers upwards and down key to move the numbers downwards. While playing 2048 pizza in the mobile browser, use swiping gestures instead of the keys.

Different Tiles You Encounter

The number two tile represents the dough that is used to make a pizza. After that, you get to see the pizza sauce at number four. Can you guess the item at number eight? Mozzarella cheese is the right answer. The simple margarita pizza will appear at number sixteen. Yummy tomato pizza is waiting for you at number thirty-two. Like this, you get to see even yummier pizza's with the increasing number of tiles. Finally, at number 2048, you will see a cat-shaped pizza. This game will increase your craving for pizza for sure.

Advantages Of Playing 2048 Pizza

Playing 2048 is not just fun, but unlike other games that we play, it's also a brain teaser and makes the full use of our brain. You can't simply win this game with a fluke. It demands full concentration and the consequences for each step that we take has to be kept in mind.

But playing the traditional 2048 game can be quite boring sometimes. That's why we need its other variations like 2048 Undo, Tetris, and 2048 Ice Cream.