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2048 Pokemon


Had enough of Pokemon's?
Then have a go at 2048 Cupcakes Or 2048 3D

Combine Similar Pokemon!

New Game

How to play 2048 Pokemon:

Like any 2048 game, this version of 2048 also works in the same way. You can move the tiles with Pokemon in desired direction either by using Keyboard arrow keys(top, down, left and right) or through swipe gestures on a mobile phone. You win when one of the Pokemon tile has the number 2048! While you lose when there's no empty tile left and you don't reach 2048!

What Is 2048 Pokemon?

It is another variation of classic 2048 Game like 2048 Cupcakes.

What Is Different in 2048 Pokemon Game?

Instead of only numbers there are pokemons on the tiles. You have to join the tiles having the same Pokemon. The Pokemons also have a number mentioned at the bottom right. So, its a great way to for Pokemon lovers to get entertained and practice number puzzle at the same time.