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2048 Tetris

Tip: Falling tile can be collapsed in left/right directions till timeout. Press Space to pause/play

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Tetris Game


Tetris is a tile-matching game that was developed in 1984 by a Russian developer named Alexey Pajitnov. While playing Tetris, you need to adjust the falling blocks in a way that they don't simply pile up. For that, you can also change the face of the blocks. As long as you are able to disappear the blocks by filling a line completely, you keep on increasing the score. And once you fail to do that, you simply lose the game.

What Is 2048?

Just like Tetris, 2048 is also an amazing game that you may find quite addictive. In 2048, the tiles with the same number add up. And by adding those tiles, you finally need to make a tile that gives you a 2048 number. It might sound easy but you surely need to set your brain at work to win this game. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that all the blocks don't fill up because it will cause you to lose the game.

What Is 2048 Tetris Game?

2048 Tetris

Now here is a blend of both the games. 2048 Tetris game will give you a taste of both the games in one place. While the numbers are falling, you have to manage them in such a way that you make a tile with 2048 number. If you find the traditional 2048 game quite easy, you surely need to try this one out. 2048 Tetris is like a new mode of the old game.

Compatible Devices

GameMora is a progressive web app hence 2048 Tetris game on it makes use of a browser to launch the game. So it can be played on any operating system, be it Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Other than PCs and laptops you can play it on your mobile device as well. Although the game is played online, you don't need to worry about a constant internet connection. The reason is that once the page is loaded, the game can be played offline too.

Controls And Objective Of The Game

The gameplay of 2048 Tetris is really really simple. All you need to do is merge the falling number tile with the same number. This will simply add both the numbers. For example, when a tile that displays 16 falls on another tile that displays 16 they add up and become 32. So when the same number keep on adding continuously and ultimately you get a tile that displays 2048 as the final number, you win the game. Many people find 2048 very easy but it's surely not the case with its new version, 2048 Tetris.

Now, let's talk about the controls of the game.


In PC or desktop you have to make use of the arrow keys. The right key will shift the tiles to the right side. Similarly, the left key will shift the tiles to the left.

Mobile Phones

In the case of a phone, you have to make use of the swipe gestures in order to move the tiles to the desired direction.

Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

Let's talk about the most important thing. How to win in 2048 Tetris? Well, the tiles are continuously falling and you don't get much time to think before making a move. But these simple strategies will surely help you win in 2048 Tetris.

Go Slow

You can play 2048 Tetris in 3 modes, easy, medium, and hard. Start the game with the Easy mode and master it first. When the winning in the Easy mode becomes effortless, jump to the Medium level and finally to the Hard level.

Stop The Game In Doubt

When the game becomes quite tough and you are all perplexed to see the falling tiles, just make use of the pause button. Now just relax and clearly think where the upcoming tile suits the most. But don't use pause option too much. It is considered cheating.