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2048 Tips And Tricks

In the midst of battle royale and other heavy graphics oriented games, the popularity of puzzle games is still intact. That's because they still provide a sense of fulfillment to people of all ages when they successfully figure it out and finish the game.

Moreover, puzzle games can get very challenging at times and that's what makes them more addictive, well who doesn't like some good challenge?

One such popular puzzle game is 2048 which became a viral hit and received over 4 million visitors within a week's time. This game is so addictive and tricky that it was quoted as "Almost like Candy Crush for math geeks" by Wall Street Journal. In this article, we share some 2048 tips and tricks that can help you beat the game. You can play 2048 and its different variations on our site GameMora.

2048 Gameplay

The game is played on a square grid of size 4x4. There are numbered tiles on the grid which move in all directions. To move the numbered tiles in the desired direction you can use the four arrow keys on your keyboard. A unique tile randomly appears in an empty space on the grid numbering 2 or 4 on every turn. These tiles move in the desired direction until they collide with another tile of the same value or the boundary of the grid.

2048 Game

The tiles are merged only if the two colliding tiles have the same values i.e tiles having value 2 and 2 merges to become 4 when they collide and so on. Also, a high scoring tile starts emitting a soft glow that keeps on getting darker as the tile score increases on the board. However, if a move causes three similar value tiles to coexist in a similar row, then only two tiles which are furthest from each other in that row will combine.

The game is won when you reach on tile 2048 on the board, however, you can still continue to play the game and increase your high score. The game ends when there remains no empty space for unique tiles on the board.

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2048 Tips & Tricks

After 2048 walkthrough, its time to know about some hacks which can help you win the game. So let's jump right into the tips & tricks of the game.

1. Take Your Time And Think

Just like one does extensive brainstorming before making a move in the game of chess. You should also slow down and think before making any move in this board game as well. For the reason that, once you make a wrong move in this game then your chances of winning the game are reduced significantly. Moreover, there is no time restriction in the game so you can take as much time as you want. Therefore, it is better to take time to think and then make a move.

2. Plan In Advance

Well, this is obvious but in order to win any game, it's always better to have a specific strategy about the game. The same goes with the 2048 game as well, it is recommended to make a strategy before starting the game and then stick to it. By planning in advance you reduce the chances of making any mistake and hence increase your chance of winning the game.

3. Stick To The Corners

This is the most important tip you should keep in mind if you really want to win this game. The strategy is to keep your highest value tile in any one corner on the board and then move all tiles towards it.

2048 Tips and Tricks

It is a little tough to maintain a tile at its place but you will get hang of it once you practice enough. Make sure that your highest value tile doesn't leave its place because once it leaves the place a new tile will take its place. Then it becomes more difficult to reach the value of 2048. You can master this trick and soon you will reach 2048 and win the game.

4. Keep The Row Of High-Value Tile Filled

Once you put the highest value tile at one of the corners on the board, try to pack that row with other tiles. By doing this you will ensure that the highest value tile will not move from its place, at least not in the left and right direction.

2048 Game Tips

Now you can freely use the left and right arrows to move the tiles either way without disturbing the highest valued tile.

5. Try To Merge Multiple Tiles At Once

Whenever you get the opportunity to merge multiple tiles at once don't let it go, as it can create a lot of empty space on the board with just one move. The empty space on the board is important to keep you in the game or you will get out.

As you can see, we can merge 6 tiles by hitting the right or left arrow button at once. This will provide a lot of empty space on the board along with some good score with just one move. Be conscious while playing the game and never miss such opportunities.

6. Keep On Trying

While this might not be the most significant tip out there but to succeed in anything perseverance is the key. Keep on trying and implementing the tips shared above and one day you will surely beat this game.

Wrapping Up

2048 is a must-play game if you love puzzles and especially if you are a maths geek. This game will test your math skills along with your logical and problem-solving skills. Also, you can follow the tips and tricks shared in this article to conquer this game in less time. If you liked these tips then do share it with your friends and help them to solve 2048 as well.