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20 Best 2048 Variations You Should Try

It is an era of games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Fortnite and we all enjoy playing these games very much. But we have to admit that our traditional games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Subway Surfers can never go out of style. And whenever we get time, we play these games and enjoy playing them as we used to, when we first played these games.

The same is the case when we talk about 2048. This awesome game never got out of style and obviously, it never will. But don't you think it will be even more fun if we were able to play 2048 variations, instead of the classic one? Of course, it is gonna be and that is why we will list down 20 best variations of 2048 game that you can play and enjoy your time with.

Top 20 2048 Variations

1. 2048 Cupcakes

2048 Cupcakes Let's start our list with the 2048 cupcake. Just like you enjoy cakes in the real-life, you'll enjoy having a piece of this cake game too. The game starts with a simple cupcake but keeps on becoming more and more delicious when you keep joining the numbers. Finally, on the 2048 tile, you get a rainbow cupcake with 5000 kcal. You're drooling, aren't you?

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2. 2048 5x5

2048 Varations - 5X5 It is an amazing variation of the 2048 game. And if you think you have mastered the traditional 2048 game, it's time you put your hands on 2048 5x5. Instead of the common 4x4 board, you have to play the game on a 5x5 board. Moreover, with each move, two numbers get generated instead of one. So it's quite challenging as the board fills up much more quickly.

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3. 2048 Pokemon

2048 Pokemon 2048 Pokemon works exactly the same as the original 2048 game and you just have to make a tile that displays 2048. But the thing is that instead of the simple boring numbers, you see different pokemon appearing on the different number tiles. So if you wanna feel nostalgic while playing a game, 2048 Pokemon should be your call.

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4. 2048 Reverse

You certainly must have got an idea about what you need to do here. Well, if you don't, let me tell you. In 2048 reverse, you need to follow the reverse process and instead of reaching the 2048 tile, you need to make a tile that displays the number 1. As for the controls and other things, each and everything remains the same. So basically, it is equally difficult as the normal 2048 game.

5. 2048 Undo

All the noob players of the 2048 game, attention, please. If you are new to the 2048 world then this game is for you. For all the silly steps that you take while playing this game, you can easily redo all of them. Just hit the Z on your keyboard and you'll be one step back. So this game is perfect if you want to master the 2048 game. Interesting, isn't it?

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6. 2048 Doge

Variations of 2048 - Doge Dogs always look so much adorable and if you're a cynophile, then you're definitely going to love this game. Even if you don't love dogs, even then you're going to adore this game. Reason? With each increasing number, you're going to see a dog doing something unique. Well, if you're wondering what the dog will be doing on the 2048 tile, find it out yourself, it's a surprise.

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7. 2048 Tetris

2048 Tetris Do you remember playing Tetris on your mobile phones and video players? We all enjoyed playing it so much. So, here comes the 2048 Tetris game that will freshen your memories of the original Tetris game. Instead of the falling blocks, you get the falling number tiles that you have to arrange at the correct place. Finally, when you get the 2048 tile, you win the game.

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8. 2048 Pizza

The name of the game is enough to give you a craving for pizza. And maybe you even order one for yourself after the game is over. With the increasing number tiles, the pizza becomes even more and more delicious. So why wait? Open your browser and play the 2048 Pizza game online on any device that you like.

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9. 11

Confused with the name? Don't worry, the game is equally easy to understand. But surely hard to win. You have to make a number tile displaying 11. When you merge two tiles with the same numbers, instead of doubling up, they increase with one number. For example, when you merge two tiles that display number 4, instead of showing number 8, it will display 5.

10. 2048 3D

2048 3d If you've mastered 2048, it's time to raise the bar a little bit. We challenge you to win this game. Instead of the one tile, you have to make the 2048 number appear on 3 different tiles of different blocks. This game not only sounds hard but it's actually gonna burst your brain out of your head. Math geeks, are you ready?

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11. 2048 Flappy

This one is quite similar to the Google Chrome game where the T-Rex jumps over the cactus to make the points. But instead of the cactus, here you need to avert the blank tiles to make the points. The more you save yourself from touching the blank tiles, the more points you make. And finally, you win by making 2048 points. To play, simply press any key on the keyboard but obviously not the power key.

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12. 2048 DBZ

Dragon Dragon Rock The Dragon! Dragon Ball Z! Yes, it's time to feel nostalgic again. 2048 DBZ is exactly similar to the classic 2048. Then what makes you stuck to the game? Of course, the exciting Dragon Ball Z characters that you encounter while playing the game. So what are you waiting for? Try out 2048 DBZ right now and unleash all the characters by reaching the 2048 tile.

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13. 2048 Speed

As the name suggests, all the blocks fill themselves with numbers and that too with high speed. You have to merge the numbers as fast as you can to keep the blocks empty. So it can be said that only Flash can win this game. Just kidding. You too have slim chances of winning and it's really worth giving a shot at least once.

14. 2048 Food

A true gastronome will never be able to resist itself from playing 2048 food game. It all starts with just a simple burger and takes you to the food tour like never before. It is suggested that you play this game with your tummy full. Else, you won't take much time to become Joey peering at the delicious food.

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15. 16384 Hex

If every variation of the 2048 game has been played and won and you finally wanna quit playing this game, 16384 Hex has guts to challenge you. First of all, you don't get the simple 4x4 cube to fill the numbers. Instead, you get a hexagonal board. Secondly, you need to make a tile with 16384 number which makes the game even tougher. For playing this game, you have to make use of the W, E, A, D, Z, and X keys on your keyboard.

16. 2048 Minecraft

Different types of 2048 - Minecraft This version of the 2048 game comes with a Minecraft touch. The more you join the tiles the more amazing Minecraft tiles you get to see along with the numbers written on the tiles. So those who always wanted to enjoy both Minecraft and 2048 in one go, here is your destination.

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17. 2048 Emoji

2048 emoji Emoji is something we all are obsessed with. Even Hannibal Lecter, though he only uses the angry face. So here we introduce you to the emoji version of the 2048 game. And we guarantee that you surely gonna like it. Although it's the same as the 2048 game, emojis are what draws us towards this one.

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18. 2048 Animated

Getting bored playing the old boring version of the 2048 game? If yes, then it's time to jump on its animated edition. Even before playing the game, you're gonna fall in love with its interface. The purple background of the game with moving numbers will definitely take your breath away.

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19. 2048 Fortnite

2048 Fortnite While playing Fortnite, we always gaze on the cool skins that other players are wearing. And we dream to get the similar one for ourselves. But we all know how expensive these skins are. So at least we can do is play 2048 Fortnite game that shows us amazing Fortnite skins. Along with that, it also sharpens the brain.

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20. 2048 8x8

The last but not the least is 2048 8x8. Rather than the simple 4x4 block, you have to make use of the 8x8 block and make a tile displaying the 16384 number. It's really a tough challenge for even the math nerds or the people who have mastered the 2048 game and its other variations.

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Why Should You Play 2048 And Its Variations?

We obviously have millions of games to go for and many of them are far more entertaining than 2048. But when it comes to the game that makes high use of your brain, there are very few that can compete with 2048. So it's good if we sometimes work on personal development too, rather than just playing the game for entertainment purposes. And as for different types of 2048, they can be really helpful when you get bored of the original game.