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Top 10 Best Mobile Games You Can Play In Your Browser

It's your lunchtime in office, or there's still some time left for the lecture to begin, or even if there's still some time left to die. If you have games by your side, nothing can be boring. But obviously, it's not possible to set up the whole gaming accessories and consoles every time you want to play games.

So whenever you have to kill some time in the office, college, traffic, or even in the doctor's waiting room, it's best to savor the online games. But finding an amusing PWA game immediately can be really hard. That's why it's good to already have the list of the best mobile browser games with you. So here we share with you the list of 10 best mobile games that you can play on your browser.

Best Browser-Based Mobile Games

1. 2048

2048 Cupcakes Game

2048 game can be a real brain torturer, but still, you won't be able to stop yourself from playing it. Especially if you're more into puzzle and mind games, then it's a paradise for you. What you have to do in this game is, join the same number blocks to reach the final number tile of 2048. If all the blocks fill up before reaching 2048, you lose the game.

What makes the 2048 game more fun? The plenty of different 2048 variations like 2048 cupcakes, 2048 Pokemon, and so on. So even if you get bored playing one variation, switch to the other one.


I hate this game so very much, but still, I can't stop playing it. Doesn't make sense? Well, has made me reach the office late more than a million times. Yes, it's so much addictive.

The game is really easy to understand but equally hard to play. You have to collect the food for your glowing snake and increase its length. But on the same hand, you have to protect your snake from the snakes of other users as well. The moment your snake touches the body of other snakes, the game is over for you and your snake itself converts in the food that other snakes will consume now.

3. Tower Building Game

top 10 mobile games - Tower Building

Bob the builder can we fix it? Bob the builder yes we can. That is what you need to do in the Tower Building Game. Put the blocks of the building one over the other and build the biggest skyscraper ever. Sounds like fun right?

But you need to be really focused while playing the game in order to build a long tower. The upcoming block moves much faster and it's not that easy to make the block fall accurately over the existing block. The left out part of the block breaks and falls, making the blocks smaller. And ultimately it becomes difficult for you to place the upcoming blocks accurately.

4. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Yes, the Flappy Bird looks simple, yes, it appears boring, but it's one of the toughest PWA games that one could play. The game is highly addictive, and that's the reason it was such a huge hit when it was first released. What you have to do is, make the little yellow bird fly while averting the green pillars. Make use of the spacebar to make the bird fly and the moment the bird touches the piller, you lose.

5. Pacman


The best thing about PWA games is that you can even enjoy those games which you used to play in your childhood. So if you want to play, just to refresh the memories of your childhood, PWA games are your way to go. One such amazing and memory refreshing game is Pacman. You can enjoy the game online, anytime you want. Four ghosts, Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde follow the Pacman, and you have to save Pacman from touching them while eating all the food. That sounds like fun, right?

6. Gartic

Gartic game

Playing alone is fun but playing with others is fun multiplied by hundred. That's the reason why I personally like Gartic so much. Especially if you like scribbling and drawing, you can't resist getting your hands dirty on Gartic. The game is simple but you're gonna enjoy every moment while playing the game. All the players get their chance to draw and the other players have to guess what's been drawn. At the end of the game, the one with most right guesses wins the game.

7. Short Life

Short life

Here's a game with a lot of carnage and a lot of bloodshed. So if you can't bear watching blood, don't even try out this game. But if you're ok with it, I can bet, you can play Short Life for hours without even noticing the time. There's a poor guy who wants to reach his destination, but there are a lot of hurdles that he has to go through. The hurdles are not simple barriers, but arrows, sharp cutters, spikes, bombs, and so on. You have to help this poor guy reach his destination safely. And if he touches any of those hurdles, he loses his limbs or he's simply nothing more than dead meat.

8. Tetris


Another game for those you want to play the PWA games to cherish the old times. Almost all of us used to have the Nintendo players where we loved playing the Tetris game. I think most of the people who have played Tetris has never completed even the first level of the game completely, as it's too hard. For those selected people who have not played this game, let me tell you that you have to place the falling blocks in such a way that they fit properly, without leaving a gap. When there's no gap in a line, it simply gets removed. And you have to try to remove all the lines one by one.

9. Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

I simply love playing this game. It feels like you're playing the lite version of spiderman. The more you play Stickman Hook, the more you start falling for it, and finally, you get addicted to the game. You have to make the guy cross the finish line by using the space key to attach the rope to different points. Stickman Hook is really easy to play, so you can even let your kids enjoy the game.

10. Monopong

Monopong browser game for mobile

Not adding Monopong to the list will be an insult to the game as well as to our list. The game demands a sheer concentration or you will lose the moment you get your eyes off the ball. You just have to maintain the small ball inside a ring by hitting it with a platform. This sure sounds easy peasy but I can bet that you can't reach the 15 score in your first 15 games.

Wrapping Up

Here we end our list of top 10 mobile games that you can savor on the browser. All these games are surely the best time killers while you're getting bored and sitting idle in your home or even in your office.